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Catholic Classical Education

A classical or liberal arts education has been essential to education since ancient times. The word “liberal” is from the word liberare, “to set free”. The goal of classical education is to liberate the mind from the limitations of any one specialized skill in order to be able to appreciate and converse in any science, art, or theology.

​The seven liberal arts are grammar, rhetoric, logic, arithmetic, geometry, music, and astronomy. These are virtues of the mind which enable the mind to have an intellectual discipline and advance in any academic endeavor.

St. Thomas More Academy combines the classical education with a Catholic Christian theology for a Catholic Classical education. The application of the liberal arts produces better students, citizens, and professionals. This is because students of the liberal arts learn to think, analyze, and communicate in effective manners. Students are immersed in a sophisticated learning environment where each subject is connected, reinforced, and relevant.

​St. Thomas More Academy proudly follows this Catholic, classical style of education in an effort to challenge each student to develop his/her heart, mind, and soul. The teachers at St. Thomas More Academy inspire each student to think independently, acquire truth, and make intelligent moral judgments. These are skills for life well beyond the walls of St. Thomas More Academy.  St. Thomas More Academy offers Math, Science, Language Arts (including literature, phonics, spelling, handwriting, and vocabulary), Religion, Social Studies, Latin, Music, Art, and Physical Education.