In the St. Thomas More Academy House System, students in grades PreK3 – 8 are divided into mixed grade
level houses.  We have four houses. Each house is named for a saint.  Two faculty mentors oversee each house.

Houses will meet at scheduled times throughout the school year and will participate in activities
such as the Thanksgiving Turkey Trot and Spring Field Day.  Members in each house will interact regularly as reading partners and Mass buddies where the older students help their house’s younger students.  If a new student enrolls during the year, they will be assigned to a house with the fewest members.  Children will remain in the same house as long as they are students at St. Thomas More Academy.

STMA house names are derived from Catholic saints who play important roles in both the Church and in
education / learning. They serve as role models for our faculty, staff and students. Our four houses are:


Bosco House

Small St. John Bosco.jpg
Under the patronage of St. John Bosco (patron saint of youth), house members will explore the       connection between faith, education, and joy - this is a mark of a follower of St. John Bosco.

Aquinas House 

Small St. Thomas Aquinas.jpg
Under the patronage of St. Thomas Aquinas (patron saint of students), house members will reflect on their place in the school community and the world - making them better able to grow as saints and scholars.

Avila House 

Small St. Teresa of Avila.jpg
Under the patronage of St. Teresa of Avila (patron saint of Catholic writers), house members will learn about faith, prayer, and its effect on one's life.

Seton House

Small St. Elizabeth Seton.jpg
Under the patronage of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton (patron saint of teachers), house members will have a local Frederick County, Maryland saint as a role model. Mother Seton's life as mother, teacher, wife, and foundress of a religious order provides much rich Christian history and example to explore.